About Us

This is a digital home for conversations with and about India on the issues that truly matter. For most of our post-Independence years, this was done by the news media. However, in recent times, the media have been found wanting. You could blame it on a variety of reasons – wobbly finances, readers/viewers migrating to other platforms, but also the lack of will to face up to governmental pressure. As a result, the issues that should be highlighted are sidelined and the voices that should find a megaphone are muffled. This website is a citizen’s effort to engage – through commentary – with everyone who cares about India, its Constitution, its liberal and secular values.

All Indians Matter was created by Ashraf Engineer, who was a senior journalist with some of India’s leading newspapers for 17 years. His media work included a stint in 2011 in Afghanistan, where he trained and mentored journalists. He subsequently quit the news media and is now part of the brand communication industry, working with a leading agency to consult with Indian and multinational companies and specialising in content and research.

This is a passion project executed in his personal capacity.

He wrote his maiden book, ‘Bricks of Blood‘, in 2017.