All Indians Matter In-Depth series: Gandhi – The Final Years

Ashraf Engineer

January 30, 2023

On Mahatma Gandhi’s death anniversary, All Indians Matter launches a six-part series that takes you on a journey through the last years of his life. Those years were a saga by themselves, in many ways the most dramatic of his extraordinary journey and also perhaps the most significant for a nation about to be born. His end was India’s beginning. That’s why these years are so important.

This series was born from a realisation that Gandhi is more relevant today than ever before. His life and message are still powerful and have the potential to provide solutions to India’s gravest challenges: sectarian division, a crumbling rural economy, inequality, caste…

Gandhi told Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan, the freedom fighter known as ‘Frontier Gandhi’, once: “A satyagrahi knows no failure.” That is why perhaps the greatest satyagrahi of all is still trying, even beyond the grave, to tell us something, to perhaps start anew.

For this series, I am in conversation with Tushar Gandhi, great grandson of the Mahatma, a chronicler of the Mahatma’s life and a peace activist.