Audio podcast: ‘The word “vikas” has caused the greatest damage to Adivasis’


Ashraf Engineer

December 15, 2021

As India’s mega businesses push to exploit our forest wealth, Adivasi communities pay the price. They have lost their lands, their homes and their way of life. From the fire of this saga has emerged a rich cache of resistance literature and poetry. Jacinta Kerketta, a young Adivasi poet and independent journalist from the Oraon Adivasi community in West Singbhum district in Jharkhand speaks to All Indians Matter.

“Why should only Adivasis sacrifice for development?”

“We are made of the soil, water and air that is being destroyed in the name of progress”

“If any Adivasi is vocal, he is branded a Naxalite”

“When you have no future and you see no way out, their trust in government and its agencies is destroyed”